Central Air Ambulance is an industry leader in domestic and international air ambulance transportation. Our flight crews are in constant contact with a 24 hour communication center through satellite communications and GPS tracking of the aircraft. We have two Captain-rated pilots on-board and our medical teams have the training and experience to meet you critical care and routine transportation needs. We are also licensed in the State of Florida, which has one of the highest standards in the nation for fixed-wing air ambulance providers. A variety of aircraft are available to provide you with customized options for air ambulance transportation anywhere, anytime, worldwide.

We are a sister company of Central EMS of Atlanta, Georgia where we operate over 60 ground ambulances dedicated to critical care and inter-facility patient transportation. With over 30 years experience in patient transportation, you can trust Central Air Ambulance to provide the highest level of patient and customer service while meeting your most demanding transportation need.

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